So, you would like your dog to GO PLAY???     GREAT!!!
We are thrilled that you would like your dog to be a part of our program! Because our facility is small and we have very strict
criteria as we cater to a specific type of dog, not all dogs are a good fit. Our Daycare and Playgroup program is not designed to
help socialize a fearful or aggressive dog. All dogs MUST pass our evaluation in order to be accepted into our program - please
understand that we love all dogs, but not all dogs are well-suited to be here!

To set up an evaluation, your dog must MEET ALL THE criteria below!
1. Your dog must be friendly with ALL other dogs - puppies, adolescents, adults, all breeds of dogs, male dogs and female
dogs. Your dog must not have any current issues or problems with other dogs or have ever had any serious issues or problems
in the past. They must be able to walk on-leash politely with other dogs as well.

2. Your dog must be polite around food, toys, and water. No guarding, protecting, or being aggressive over any possessions,
people, space, food, toys, or the water bowl.

3. Your dog must be friendly with ALL other people - children, adults, men, women, people in uniform, delivery people, mail
carriers, etc. We have a lot of foot traffic in the store!!!

4. Your dog must have good manners! They must not bark, jump on people, jump on our gate or counter, pull on the leash,
chew on inappropriate things, etc. (We work with puppies as young as 8 weeks to encourage good manners. Your young
puppy will be in good hands, being supervised by three professional obedience instructors!)

5. Your dog must be housebroken, and not mark inside our facility. It is understood that many puppies are not yet housebroken
and we will work with you on their housebreaking training.

6. Every dog must be a good fit for our program to participate. We want your dog to feel comfortable and happy here, and for
the staff to feel comfortable handling your dog.

7. We offer shuttle service if you can't transport your pets to us during our normal daycare hours! Only
$5.00 per trip for
Arlington residents, and only
$7.00 - $10.00 for residents of neighboring towns.
Click here for more information on our shuttle service!

How to enroll your dog in our Daycare and Playgroup program:
1. Fill out our online Daycare/Playgroup Evaluation AND Service Agreement and submit it via our website.
No evaluations will be done unless both of these online forms are completed! You can also stop by our facility
to complete the paperwork - but no dogs will be evaluated until both forms are received.
2. Contact us to set up an evaluation.
3. Evaluations will be scheduled when we have at least 2 staff members present. When you contact us to book your dog's
evaluation appointment, we will require a non-refundable $15.00 deposit to hold your dog's spot. If you need to cancel your
evaluation, you may do so 24 hours before your appointment to avoid being charged. If your dog passes our evaluation process,
the $15.00 fee will be applied to their trial day here at daycare. You will need to provide the name of the veterinarian's office
where your dog's medical records are on file so we can call to verify your dog's vaccination dates. If your dog is not current on
vaccinations, your evaluation appointment will be cancelled. Please call your vet to verify your dog is up to date before booking
an evaluation appointment.

Your dog's evaluation:
We will make the evaluation process as easy for you and your dog as possible!

Please plan adequate time to fill out all of our paperwork if you have not submitted it via our website. All clients are required
to have completed a
Service Agreement and a Daycare/Playgroup Evaluation before your dog will be evaluated.

Please be on-time for your evaluation. Because we are a small company, we have a very tight schedule. We book evaluation
appointments when we know we will have at least 2 staff members present. If you are late for your evaluation appointment, we
may have to re-schedule you for another time.

Please enter through the front door. Before your dog is allowed into our play area, they must pass our initial evaluation and
let a staff member say hello to them, and handle them gently.

4. Please understand that your dog may not instantly adapt to playing inside at our facility. If your dog isn't comfortable, we
may recommend attending a few playgroups before leaving your dog for daycare. We want to set your dog up for success to be
as comfortable and confident in our facility as possible. It is common for new dogs to have an adjustment period, and most
dogs quickly respond well to our program!

5. If your dog does not pass our evaluation, it is not a personal reflection on you or your dog. Our facility is very small and our
rules and guidelines for acceptance are very strict. If we do not feel your dog is a good fit, we will use our professional
experience to explain why we have made the decision and give you any recommendations we may have. We will not embarrass
you or your dog in front of the other clients here, and will professionally and respectfully explain to you our decision.

6. Our facility is not designed to help socialize a fearful or aggressive dog. We need all dogs evaluated to already have a good
foundation of socialization that daycare will help them build upon. We only accept dogs who play politely and respectfully, and
that have very good manners. We always help train puppies to succeed in our program. While it is our goal to accept every dog
we evaluate into our program, this is not always a realistic possibility.

7. If your dog has passed our evaluation, they are welcome to attend daycare and playgroups.

8. You are encouraged to stop in and meet us and see our facility before your dog's evaluation!

Once we receive your submitted evaluation form and service agreement, please contact us to set up an
evaluation appointment.

Your pet will be evaluated for the following items:
1. Our initial interaction with your dog - do they appear healthy, friendly, and playful?

2. Your dog's body language with people, and other dogs - do they appear sociable and eager to say hello?

3. Your dog's reaction to other dogs playing - do they want to join in playfully, control the action, or hide?

4. Your dog's reaction to our touch. They must allow us to handle their entire body safely.

5. Your dog's reaction to our collar grab. They must allow us to handle their collar and gently restrain them.

6. Your dog's general manners. They must behave and not try to escape, dig, chew, claw, jump, be mouthy, or scratch.

7. Your dog's possessive instincts - will they guard food, toys, water, space, or people?

8. Will your dog crate politely? We are a crate-free facility, but have one medium-sized crate we use to feed dogs and give
quick "time-outs" if needed. For all the dog's safety, we require them to enter a crate politely, and remain quiet inside for a
minute or so.

9. Your dog's play style - does your dog play appropriately with the other dogs? Will they be a good fit for our program?

We will fairly evaluate your dog with our professional experience. We are open to dogs of all sizes and breeds and have no
breed biases. We have the same sets of rules for small dogs as we do for large dogs - each dog must be a good fit for our facility!

If your dog is deemed compatible for our program, they are welcome to attend daycare and playgroups. For your dog's first
day at daycare,
we require you or someone local to be available to pick your dog up immediately should a
circumstance arrive that your dog cannot participate
. Once your dog has had a full day with us and has done well, we
will not require anyone to be available for an immediate pick-up.

If your dog is compatible for our program but has passed their evaluation with conditions, we will inform you of what these
conditions are and the best way to work with us and your dog to make them a great fit for our facility!

If your dog does not pass our evaluation, please do not be upset with your dog or our staff. We do not like to excuse dogs from
our program, but for everyone's comfort and safety some dogs just are not a good fit. We will try to assist you in finding the
appropriate program for you and your dog if ours isn't for you.
We require dogs over 6 months of age to have a negative fecal test and to be current on their Rabies,
Distemper, and Parvo vaccinations (or have proof of a recent Titer.) Dogs under 6 months of age need to
have at least 1 set of shots (Distemper / Parvo), a negative fecal test, and a current wellness exam by a local
PLEASE NOTE - Our policy is that your pet may NOT attend Daycare or Playgroup within 5 days of receiving ANY
vaccination. Some vaccinations may immediately lower your dog's immune system.
Daycare / Playgroup Evaluation Process
March 2012: At this time we are full for daycare and are currently
not accepting any new dogs into our daycare program.
Please contact us to be put on our wait list!
Name: Kiki
Breed: Mixed, Rescued

Favorite Activity: Squinting her
eyes to look even cuter, thus
earning more cookies.
Name: Fiona Rose
Breed: Cavalier King Charles

Life Motto:
From a good puppy comes
a great dog.
1046 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA 02476. (781) 325-6088 - Fully Bonded, Licensed, & Insured.
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