Our Daycare Program!  

We opened our Massachusetts Ave location in September 2007 to provide Arlington with an option for fun and
safe dog play. Our program is crate-free and held indoors in our small and cozy facility. Each puppy / dog is
evaluated before he is able to participate in our program - there are no exceptions to our evaluation process.
We require all of our dogs to be well-mannered, well-socialized, respectful, and friendly.

We offer Shuttle Service for residents of Arlington and surrounding areas. If you are unable to drop-off or
pick-up your dog within our hours, book our shuttle! Your pet will ride safely crated in our Ford Transit van.

We offer "Puppy Pre-School" for puppies as young as 8 weeks old for no additional charge - while your puppy
is here we work with him on crate training, housebreaking, polite leash manners, socialization with friendly
dogs, socialization with people, and common city distractions (sirens, loud noises, traffic, etc.) We work on
polite manners (not jumping on people, walking nicely on a leash, sitting politely for food and treats, etc.)
and are careful to make each new experience a positive one.

We can give your dog a full groom, nail clipping, or other grooming services during his time at daycare. We
also offer our
Play & Train program! Is it your dog's birthday? Throw him a birthday party with his friends!

Daycare allows your dog to exercise and socialize while staying out of  his crate during the day. He will be
able to exercise and nap here freely with all of his friends! Our program is very structured; upon arrival your
dog will play for a few hours before going on a group leashed potty break. We encourage all dogs in our care
to potty outside and require all dogs over 6 months of age to be housebroken to our facility. After morning
potty breaks, it's time for more playtime! If you provide a lunch for your dog, he will be crated for one hour
before and after mealtime to ensure proper digestion. If you do not provide a lunch for your dog, we will
provide some healthy, grain-free kibble as a mid-day snack. If your dog has any special dietary restrictions
we are careful to feed only compatible treats. After snack time, the dogs usually settle down to sleep for a
little while. We don't crate any dog during nap time and they are free to nap with the group or continue
playing. Then it's playtime for the rest of the day with potty breaks offered every few hours.

NOV 2018: We are currently not accepting any new daycare clients. If you'd like be on our wait list and
set up an evaluation for your dog, please fill out our
Daycare Evaluation Form and contact us to make
an appointment. We do not accept any walk-in evaluations for daycare. Vaccinations must be verified
before the evaluation - we require adult dogs to be current on Distemper, Parvo, & Rabies with a
negative fecal floatation before the evaluation. Puppies under 6 months of age need to be current on
Distemper & Parvo vaccinations with a negative fecal flotation before the evaluation.

Daycare hours: 8:00am - 6:00pm Monday through Friday
Shuttle Service hours: Mornings, Mid-Day, & Evening

1/2 day Daycare (less than 5 hours here): $18.00
Full day Daycare (over 5 hours here): $25.00
Shuttle Service: $7.00 per trip for Arlington residents, $10.00 per trip for surrounding towns

Please click here to read about our policies and rewards program for frequent clients!

  • We consider ourselves as Arlington's elite daycare program. We cater to the discriminating dog
    owner who is seeking a program that will allow their dog to have fun in a structured
    environment. We are very specific in the type of dog we allow into our program.

  • In order to be considered for an evaluation, your dog must be friendly with other dogs and
    people. We do not accept dogs with aggression issues toward other dogs or people. Please
    understand that while our staff is made up of dog-lovers, not all dogs are a good fit here.

  • Our facility is 'crate-free' - we do not keep dogs in crates while they are here for an extended
    period of time. Dogs who use our shuttle service and who are fed meals while here are crated,
    and sometimes puppies will need a nap in a comfy crate. We will assist you in crate training your
    young puppy by making the crate a positive experience. We use a crate to give a quick 'time out'
    in the case of inappropriate behavior (such as jumping up on our gate, excessive barking, etc.)

  • Our play space is very small. We have 500sf of space and are careful not to overbook our space.
    The dogs here have plenty of room to play in a controlled and highly-supervised environment.
    Our facility is completely climate-controlled and has rubber matting on the floor that is gentle on
    your dog's joints and feet. We provide beds for nap time, toys, and food / water bowls.

  • We welcome the general public and anyone interested in our program to come and visit at
    anytime. No appointment is necessary, our facility is easily viewed from our front entrance.

  • Our staff is trained in Pet First Aid & CPR. Our three main daycare supervisors are also Obedience
    & Agility trainers. We focus on teaching good manners to all of the dogs in our program. Our
    company is fully insured and licensed with the town of Arlington. Our staff has a combined 50 +
    years of animal care experience. We are very serious about our work and committed to providing
    exceptional care for your pet! We want each dog to be happy, exercised, and eager to return!
    We do not sub-contract any work to other companies or individuals.

  • Dogs of all ages are welcome. Puppies may start at 8 weeks of age. We do not require your adult
    dog to be spayed or neutered, however, females must refrain from attending daycare while in
    heat. We welcome dogs of all breeds and sizes and conduct the same evaluation for every dog.

  • We are very forward-thinking and require far fewer vaccinations than our competitors. We
    require all puppies under 6 months to be current on the Distemper / Parvo puppy series, have a
    negative fecal exam, and have been seen by a local vet for a wellness check before starting
    daycare. Once the puppy is 6 months of age we require a current Rabies vaccination. Adult dogs
    are required to have had 1 lifetime adult booster for Distemper / Parvo, a current Rabies
    vaccination, and a yearly fecal exam. We except Titres in lieu of vaccinations in certain cases.

  • We take the dogs here for daycare on leashed group walks several times during the day for potty
    breaks. We always clean up after the dogs. We ask that you potty your dog before dropping them
    off for daycare. We are a clean facility and do not tolerate dogs having accidents / marking.

  • During your dog's evaluation we will decide if he will be a good fit for our program. If the
    evaluation goes well, we will need your dog to successfully complete a trial day of daycare
    before he is accepted into our program.

  • We are proud of the well-mannered dogs in our care. We strive to create a life-long relationship
    with your dog. Visit our Facebook page and our You Tube page to see pictures and videos of dogs
    in our program having a great time!
1046 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington MA, 02476.  
(781) 325 - 6088
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Our Hours:
Monday - Friday from 8:00am - 6:00pm
Saturday: Grooming by appointment only
Closed Thursday 11/22 & Friday 11/23/18